Time to Singularity

Our intuition about the future is linear. But the reality of information technology is exponential, and that makes a profound difference. If we take 30 steps linearly, we get to 30. If we take 30 steps exponentially, we get to a billion. How do we keep up?



    The Public by Default Film Fund

    The Public by Default Film Fund is an independent film fund that seeks to get people engaged with important trending topics and pressing issues of today. How can we drive public conversations towards more meaningful topics? (What’s meaningful to you?) We want great stories that can spark important conversations. At the same time the fund seeks to support experimental projects for new ways of visual narrative. We want innovation in storytelling formats.

    We will do that by supporting starting film makers with seed funding that is now open for submissions. Depending on projects, our fund will provide up to USD $10,000 per project.

    Stories we fund
    There are three types of stories we are interested in funding, unrelated to each other, but free to be combined if desired.
    1. Stories that push the Asian culture forward on the global stage.
    2. Stories that address the pressing issues of today.
    3. Stories told in new types of formats.

    You are free to define the duration.Narrative or documentary are both eligible. Chinese or international material or target audience are both eligible.The funds received from Public by Default need to be the majority of the financial funding in the entire project.
    How to apply
    Please send applications to philip@publicbydefault.com. Deadline for first round submissions is July 31th, 2019.

    Please include the following in applications:
    Short paragraph on project ideaKey team members backgrounds and previous work if applicable Brief description on how you will use the received money

    Where is this fund coming from?
    The Public by Default fund is funded by me personally and working together with a small group of industry professionals. I am an amateur film maker myself, worked on short films and docs before. I won the 48Hour Film Festival Shanghai in 2016, created a short doc on China Africa relations that's released by VICE China in 2017. Now I am too busy with my other work to continue being hands-on on film making, but I enjoy the process and want to stay involved because of my personal passion for film. That's why I would like to offer funding to starting film makers to get their projects out there. Because I know how a little bit of extra help could mean important stories are told or kept silent forever. See my Linkedin, my IMDB or just reach out on above email if you want to know more.

    See ya!

    Philip Man